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Dog's Epic Agility Course Performance at Westminster Dog Show Has Us Impressed

The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is the annual event for the canine world's very best. From showing to agility, there really is so much to take in. Because a lot is going on, though, it can be difficult to pick just one favorite moment. For a lot of this year's viewers' though, it wasn't difficult.

When Teddy, an All-American Dog, made his entrance for his turn at the agility course, it didn't take long before he captured every heart in the room. Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show just had to post this precious moment on Facebook, and boy, are we glad they did. Teddy, who was clearly a fan favorite after his agility run, may not have won the competition, but he has easily won our hearts. 

Run, Teddy, Run! But not before satiating that pesky itch on your back, of course. 

"Win or lose Teddy had fun and that's what it is all about," Rosalie Henderson commented on the video. We couldn't agree more! There's no doubt that Teddy enjoyed himself out on the course but what's even better? Everyone else enjoyed it too!

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Just ask commenter Kimberly Love. "Teddy you are so beautiful. And so entertaining to see" she wrote. "You made my day[...] Definitely a winner in my book." Absolutely! Even the commentators couldn't resist his silly scratches, and they were just as hyped up for him as they would be for their champion runner. As far as we're concerned, this mixed-breed boy is the champion of hearts. 

"'All-American Dogs' are the best breed of dog out there!" Kimberly Miller agreed. "Way to go, Teddy!!" We love the enthusiasm viewers have for Teddy almost as much as their kindness to one another. When Lyn Smith asked, 
"what's an all American dog please," another Facebooker was more than happy to explain.

"Itt's AKC's fancy word for mix," answered Shannon Alfer. "My dog is an all American and he's a cattle dog x border collie." How cool! We can't help but wonder what kind of mixed breed our boy Teddy is, then!

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