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Employees Chasing Lunch-Stealing Dog Are Cracking Us Up

As much as we don't want to go back into the office, we'd 100% go back if we got to bring our dogs with us. We'd never be sad in the office because there'd always be a fur baby to cheer you up. And one to bring a little chaos into the room.

One company, known on TikTok as @wearesamuelknight, has let their employees bring in dogs to the office. And it was all fun and games until a Dachshund outsmarted everyone. This little dog decided to play finder's keepers and we seriously can't stop laughing at what he stole! 

O.M.G. This doggo knew struck gold when he found the sandwich. He was not going to give it back up so easily, which is why it took so many people to wrangle him up. LOL!

"That split-second pause, YOU WON'T CATCH ME ALIVE!!!" commented @gmov24. Ha! The dog was just trying to give the employees a little breather because he could be running around all day long. @ainsby.95 added, "He's just keeping the office active." And he's doing an excellent job at it. Think of all the steps they're getting in!

Some TikTokers are demanding that these employees let the dog keep the sandwich. @hopelessboittv wrote, "GIVE. IT. BACK." Yeah! He played finder's keepers fair and square. "Personally I think he’s earned that sandwich!" said @amynat36. So do we! He's at least earned a little nibble. 


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