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Dog's Reaction to Being Caught Stealing Mom's Burger Is Totally Priceless

Dogs are opportunists. When they see a way to get what they want, they jump at the chance, and this is especially the case when unsupervised food is left within paws reach. One dog pulled one over on his mom to get his paws on a snack, and the result is too funny!

TikTok user @erin.killeen recently shared a video of her black Labrador, Lambeau, sitting in the car. In the video, Lambeau's mom is holding an empty take out box, and she asks him if he ate her burger! The text on the video says that they left the car running and Lambeau took advantage of the opportunity. Check out the video to see Lameau's reaction to being caught stealing his mom's burger!

LOL, Lambeau's face is so funny! He seems quite smug with himself for successfully breaking into the take out container and eating the whole burger before he was found out. That lip lick says Lambeau has no regrets!

People in the comments think Lambeau is innocent of any wrongdoing, and they are providing him legal advice in the comments. @k9_raider281 said, "Lambeau, you have the right to remain silent, don’t say a word!" and @cass.loves.america commented, "I'm his attorney... He was framed!" Lambeau knows better than to admit to these allegations!

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Others imaged what Lambeau was saying in response. @santana3000 commented, 'He said, "Damn right. And I'd do it again."' Another user, @_______dhskxnejl, said, 'His face says, “Yeah good luck proving it lady.”' There is no remorse from Lambeau! He probably thinks you should have known better than to leave him alone with a juicy burger.

 We totally think Lambeau was deserving of the burger! This was his compensation for being forced to wait in the car while Mom and Dad went in the store. Let this be a lesson for the next time Lambeau is left alone!

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