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Dog's Incredible Love for His Stuffed Teddy Bear Is Melting Hearts

We probably all know how possessive kids can get with their stuffed animals. They won't let their favorite stuffed animal leave their sides. Kids won't even let them out of their sight really. And now we're learning that dogs do the same.

One of the dogs from the TikTok account @halfhuskybros was lounging on the couch, cuddling up next to his teddy bear. That's already a picture worth a thousand words. But what she does after her mom asked to see the teddy bear is what really captured our hearts. You'll melt from the cuteness! 

O.M.G. Have you ever seen a more beautiful dog?! Just one look at her face and we've completely fallen in love. Then when you mix in her holding onto the teddy bear, you truly have the world's cutest dog. And the fact that she's protecting her teddy bear is just the absolute best! 

TikTok users are all commenting on what this beautiful dog was thinking and it's all spot on. @theyhuskymoon_ wrote, "Teddy's all mine!!!!” She didn't want anyone near her best friend. This doggo is clearly a protective friend! "No he's my bestie," added @brendabunting181. And no one is allowed to have her! LOL! "Don't even think about it mom," said @randylewishilgeman. Get your own bestie!

Not only is this dog so stinking adorable, but we also have to address the fact that she responded to her mom at all. "So smart," wrote @kristiemorris3. Right!? It's as if this dog knew exactly what she was asking. So cool! 


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