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California's Dog Surfing Championships Are Taking The Internet By Storm

Though every dog has at least one special skill to call their very own (even if that skill is expert begging), the dogs from the World Dog Surfing Championships will leave your jaw on the floor. 

This competition is a big deal! It's such a big deal, in fact, that news outlets like CNN and Pacific Coast TV (where we got this incredible video) even covered the event. It made the daily news in California, where the event took place, and has been making its way into everyone's Instagram feeds, too. 

Honestly, no one's complaining! Who doesn't love watching surfing dogs?

If you're like us, you're going to want to watch this entire video. That's why we're warning you now that it's a long one--13 minutes, to be exact. But every second is filled with the most adorable surfers you've ever seen.

Cowabunga, dudes!

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Don't you love this event? Everyone, including the dogs, looks like they're having a blast, and we can't get enough. We're already marking our calendars for next year's event because we just can't miss it!

One YouTube comment from C White, who attended this year's event, makes us want to see it for ourselves even more. "I was there and it was a truly wonderful day!" he said. "Can't wait for next year. Thank you for this great compilation. Surf on!" 

Not only do these pups feel comfortable enough in the ocean to swim, climb, and fall off surfboards at random, but they actually know how to ride the waves. Heck--that's better surfing skills than most people! If that wasn't impressive enough, just think about how chilly that water might've been, too. 

The World Dog Surfing Championships were held on Pacifica State Beach in Northern California, so the ocean wasn't exactly warm and tropical. Actually, you'll see a lot of the pups wearing wetsuits to help fight the chill! Even canine athletes need to take the proper precautions, after all. With amazing performances like these, though, we think it paid off!

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