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Family's Surprise Birthday Party for Their Dog Is the Best Thing We've Seen All Year

If you've been trying to come up with the perfect birthday plan for your pet, a woman on TikTok has you covered. The woman, who goes by @ihavethisthingwhomegoods online, threw her Golden Retriever Sully the best birthday ever. And honestly her idea was so smart, we wish we'd come up with it ourselves. 

The TikToker wanted to do it big for Sully's first birthday. So she came up with an idea that he absolutely loved. "We surprised my dog for his first birthday with all of his neighborhood friends waiting in our backyard when he got back from a walk," the video's text overlay reads. We guess you could call this a surprise paw-ty! And we can tell by Sully's reaction that he was totally surprised. Such a happy guy! 

"'Best day ever,' - Sully, probably," the caption states. 

The comments section was in love with the mom's smart party plan. "Stop I’m tearing up this is so sweet," @meganlbryant wrote. "This is the best idea!!!!!!!!! Love this," @readynow5555 agreed. "No you didn’t!!!! How sweet is this!!!" @onesouthernbelle added. "Nothing better than a surprise party!" @riverrat53 chimed in. 

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Elsewhere on @ihavethisthingwhomegoods' page, she shared a before-and-after of the day she got Sully vs. what he looks like now. He's grown up so much! "The most challenging, unpredictable, & humbling year of our lives. Happy birthday Sully," she wrote in the caption. 

Cheers, Sully! Here's to turning 1 with all of your friends.

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