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Dog Surrendered Because Owner 'Lost Her Home' Is As Sad As It Gets

Too often, owners are forced to surrender their pets to a shelter because their landlord does not allow pets or because they have suddenly become homeless. This is heartbreaking for both the owner and the dog, but unfortunately, the dog does not understand why they are back in the shelter. This recently happened to one pup, and he is hoping to find a new home soon.

TikTok user @aharrisphoto recently shared a video of a Pit Bull named Kaiko, who was recently surrendered to Orange County Animal Services in Orlando, Florida. In the video, this user says that Kaiko's owner surrendered him because they lost their home and couldn't care for the pup any longer. Check out the video to see how great this pup is and help Kaiko find his new home!

Awww, this is tragic! We feel so bad for Kaiko and his former owner; we can't imagine having to surrender our sweet fur babies. This must have been a heartbreaking decision.

People in the comments are wishing Kaiko well in his search for a new owner. @gabrielleried said, "Hoping he finds a home soon!" and @reneenaynay68 commented, "Amen...please someone save him!" We hope someone will come along soon to adopt him!

Others issued a call to action for their fellow TikTok users to get this pup adopted. @its_me_abs commented, "Let’s get him a home TikTok!" and @lizzyjo3232 said, "Let's help this baby!" We know someone out there will see this pup and realize they want to take him home!

We are so sorry that Kaiko and his owner are going through this difficult time, but we are wishing that Kaiko will not have to be in the shelter for much longer. He needs a warm bed and cuddles, ASAP!

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