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Dog's Reaction to Getting Sushi at a Restaurant in Winnipeg Couldn't Be Better

When you're going through a rough time, an animal can really turn your day around. Or they can make a great day even better. Just look at how happy a Golden Retriever from Winnipeg, Canada makes the owner of a sushi restaurant. And we know the pup must really be loving all the attention too. 

The sweet video was shared by Ian Bawa (@ianbawa), who must've noticed that his one-eyed dog Diamond was always given the warmest welcome when he went to pick up his food. 

"The owner of this sushi restaurant in Winnipeg loves to give my dog free sushi," the video's text overlay states. We can't! Not only does Diamond get sushi hand delivered, the owner even serves it to her using chopsticks! So cute! Just like she's a regular costumer. "The most dog friendly sushi restaurant in Winnipeg," the video's caption reads.

The video has since been watched over 189,000 times and people were positively loving it. "Doggo is definitely leaning into the 'poor me, I'm starving,'" @blackrein2 joked. "Diamond really said 'this is the first decent meal I’ve had,'" @eleanorjbakerx teased. "Well this just made my day. Thank you," @dmc1122334455 wrote.

Diamond definitely gave this restaurant five stars!

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