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Dog Strikes Hilarious Pose While Swimming and the Internet Can’t Get Enough

Your pets always find a new way to surprise you. In both unusual and hilarious ways. So we can only imagine what one dog owner was thinking when they walked over and found their dog in the outright strangest stance while swimming in a lake. 

It's almost impossible to believe this really happened, but thank goodness there's video proof. The dog, who wasn't named in the footage on the @fearsupply page, was clearly minding his own business when someone with a camera came over and started recording. "He knows his feet touch the bottom so he stands there like buoy on hot lake days," the caption states. Honestly, it's impossible to describe what's going on here. But take a look at the almost human-like way the pup is keeping himself afloat. 

With a whopping 25 million views on TikTok, it's obvious that the pup struck a chord. "I watched this 20 times because he is so damn precious lmao it’s the tiptoeing for me," @coffeeeecat wrote. "I have never seen a dog do this before this is awesome," @justhere4theviews.0 added. "Me in high school gym class waiting for the two weeks of mandatory swimming to be over," @daddavey joked. 

While another commenter had a different take. "He looks like an older boy too..I imagine taking some pressure off his joints as well..good buoy," @bigp0pparich956 commented.

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Either way, it seems this pup really knew how to have the best day swimming around in the water. But to us it almost seems like he really needs a pair of sunglasses and a frosty drink. 

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