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Dog’s NSFW Way of Telling Her Mom to ‘Clean Up’ Is Absolutely Priceless

Don't you just love how there can be so much sass rolled into a tiny animal? You'd never expect it, but then out of nowhere, our fur babies give us some attitude. Even after all the things we do for them, they still have the audacity to give us some 'tude! Honestly, we don't mind because their sass always makes our day. And there's one furball, in particular, who has earned the title Queen of Sass in our books! 

Meet this hilarious Corgi-Poodle mix, known on TikTok as @penny.corgipoo. Penny has a way with her words. The account is filled with Penny expressing herself by stepping on buttons that speak words. In one clip, Penny must've been upset that her mom left the house a mess. So she goes to her trusty talking buttons to tell her mom to clean up. Penny has to step on two different buttons to make sure her message gets across. And the first one really drives her message home. LOL! 

OMG! Penny cursing is what earned her the queen of sass title! Based on her other videos, it seems like the curse word is her favorite. She uses it for almost everything. LOL! As @Fabi.Xotton put it, “Penny ain’t playin 😂.” Right?! We wouldn’t want to be on her bad side. 

TikTok user @Jeff Yun said, "She didn’t stutter. 😂." We never doubted her in the first place! The creator replied, "Said it loud and clear twice." Ha! The repeating just goes to show she means business. "She said what she said 😂," added @sasasoo82.

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The best part of Penny's sassiness is what @parboiledlentils said. The comment reads, "Acting like she pay the bills." LOL! Penny really is acting like she runs the house around here and that she can say whatever she wants, whenever she wants. She's lucky she's so cute that she can get away with it! 

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