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Golden Retriever's Epic 'Tennis Ball' Birthday Party Is the Stuff of Doggie Dreams

A woman on TikTok is going viral for the incredible way she celebrated her dog’s first birthday. Camille Griffith, or @camillegriffith as she goes by on TikTok, wanted to go big for her Golden Retriever Hudson’s big day. Her brilliant idea? Tennis balls. Two-hundred tennis balls to be exact.

Video of Griffith going HAM with the tennis balls has amassed over 1.4 million views, and when you watch the video, it’s pretty clear why. “I got my Golden Retriever 200 tennis balls for his birthday party & this is how it went,” she wrote in the video’s onscreen text. The video shows the TikTok creator dumping the balls in a pool, and then just wait until you see what happens next. It's the best!

Best. Party. EVER! We think it’s safe to say that some people online were just a bit jealous. “He has more friends than me,” @kingpin088 whined. “This might be the BEST THING I'VE EVER SEEN ON TIKTOK. AMAZING,” @evemeriwether wrote. “I bet they all took the BEST naps later that day,” @nic0lelynn added. “I would pay to check out this party,” @nightowl19680 chimed in.

However, this being the internet and all, there was one naysayer who wasn’t impressed. “Thinking about all the money she spent that could have gone straight to charity,” @dybbe4kg0zfu wrote. But in a second video, Griffith explained all. 

“I did buy them from this used tennis balls website, and I specifically bought this package so they were extra used,” she said. “When I'm done, you just send it back so they can just continue the process of reusing and recycling. It does support their non-profit,” she added.

It’s always easier to judge when we don’t know the whole story, but as Griffith said herself, sometimes, you have to have a little trust. “Basically, I’m a good human guys,” she said. We have no doubt that's true!