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Dog’s Gentle Reaction to Newborn Baby Bunny is Melting Hearts Everywhere

Bentley has the internet wrapped around his finger after a video of him with a newborn bunny went viral online. The video shows Bentley and the bunny caught having a moment together. As his owner tried to gently explain to the pup that he's not the bunny's father. Poor guy!

Bentley is so protective. So it's no wonder that when he found the newborn he went into parent-mode. "You're so gentle to the baby bunny," his owner, @bentleyandthebabies can be heard saying off-camera. "We have to go inside so its mommy can come back," she added. "That's not your baby, Bentley." The look Bentley gives his owner is pure sadness. We can tell that he's not ready to give the bun up. 

People in the comments section thought Bentley was the best papa ever. "Aww he's puffing warm breath on it," @alisonlikesorchids5 wrote. "Petition to get Bentley his own baby bunny right now," @crystalsankar13 urged. "He looked so sad when you said 'it’s not your baby.' What a sweetheart," @rachmatt40 added. "Aww Bentley sniffled and said, 'it is too my baby, mom!'" @laurenj491 joked. 

While other people worried that the bunny's real mama wasn't going to come back. "If the bunny baby smells like dog, I’m pretty sure she won’t come back. Unfortunately," @evasstockholm explained. "The mom will not come get the baby, you have to put it back in the nest or take to a rehab," @macerabm added. "Mommy bunnies don't always come back, bunnies are a lil different," @richardewing5 chimed in. 

Later in the thread, @bentleyandthebabies that the bunny's mama never came back. So perhaps there's still hope that Bentley and his baby can be reunited. Fingers crossed!