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Dog Throws a Fit Like a Human Child After Realizing He's Run Out of Bones

Children will give us their best tears, arguments and even puppy dog eyes to get what they want. They're sometimes very convincing and firm on their stance that we give in. Other times, an angry fit will do the trick and we cave into giving them what they asked for. And while kids can be downright annoying, when dogs throw fits? It's just too darn cute.

For instance, take a look at this clip from TikTok user @janajo24. Her dog was so upset there were no more bones left that he threw a tantrum just like a kid. Unlike a human child, however, his whining was so funny we couldn't stop listening! He even tried different sounds to get his point across that he needed a new bone. Honestly, he's very convincing, and we would give in! 

Can you believe him?! So adorable, though. "The side eye said it all," commented @Kool. That side eye was a rough one ha! He really said, 'I know you can hear me!' Or as @BJ put it, "He's like,"This ain't no joke. We talking bones here!".😂😂😂." This is some serious stuff mom and dad. He means business.

"Y’all in big trouble. I’d get to the store real quick. He’s is serious 😂," added @Melissa Marie. And from the sound of it, we don't think he is giving up anytime soon! Plus, it was a nice ask from the good boy. The least you could do it get him another. 

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"Dad isn't having it. Nice effort by the poor hungry pup," said @Craig Edick. Why do we get the feeling that dad has heard this before? He's sitting in the chair shaking his head like, "Here we go again.'" Better turn to mom and hope she's a pushover! 

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