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Dog Throws a Kid-Style Tantrum After Owner Refuses to Let Him Have a Frisbee

It's no big secret that dogs love their toys, and apparently they're more enthused about some than others! While out on a recent walk, TikTok creator @k9yodel's pup threw a very human-like tantrum, all because he was not allowed pick up a frisbee he found on the street.

The dog's name is Yodel, and in the video, the owner explains how he was not happy with her after being forced to leave the frisbee behind! But being that he's a working dog, he has to be taught restraint and to accept that he can't always get what he wants. Well, almost. Watch what happens after this excited boy calmed down.

His owner put it perfectly. He's all gas and no brakes for sure! But we're happy to see that he did get the chance to retrieve the frisbee. Other TikTok creators are loving his persistence and determination. @Genee and Leia asked, "That is a full-blown tantrum, and I love him for it. Was it annoying in the moment?" Yodel's pet parent responded with, "Nah, it’s what I signed up for!! Things like this that make him a challenging pet are what make him a FABULOUS search dog, so it’s all worth it." 

Another commenter, @Stephanie Daly added, "It is a terrible feeling when your human doesn’t let you bring the toy you found 😩." But at least Yodel got to go back for it! And @dog_secretary joked, "He’s just worried about the poor frisbee freezing to death out there 😔." Haha!

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For more perspective on why Yodel has to be so well-trained, check out this video of a search and rescue training mission.

That's one very hard-working pup! He deserves all of the frisbees after a long, hard day, that's for sure! 

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