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Doberman Throws Tantrum Just Like a Kid Because Mom Won't Take Her to the Park

It’s true what they say: dogs are like kids that never grow up (and they never really get the whole potty training thing either). If you don’t believe us, why not ask one woman on TikTok who managed to capture the absolute fit her Doberman Percy threw when she wasn’t allowed to go to the park.

Percy was not happy when her owner Irene (@irenesusername) told her no — and she wasn’t going to go down without a fight. “Throwing a temper tantrum because I won’t take her to the park because she’s sick AND in heat,” Irene wrote in the video’s text overlay. “My girl doesn’t understand the word rest day,” she added in the caption. The footage shows an obviously peeved Percy, trying to get her mama to change her mind.

LOL! Girl knows what she wants! People in the comments section were cracking up over Percy’s fit. “People think Huskies are dramatic… NAH, get yourself a Doberman,” @poppygriffiths_ wrote. “My dog throws fits daily just like this because I won’t give him a bite of my food,” @Elonmusksloofa added. “THE SNIFF MADE ME AUDIBLY LAUGH,” @xiaofanclubpeesident chimed in. “She’s trynna convince you she’s not sick while sniffling and coughing,” @clairemader531explained.

The video has over 4.4 million views total, and it’s safe to say that both Irene and Percy were surprised that it blew up. “Percy can’t believe that her temper tantrum got a million views. She's a lil' embarrassed,” Irene wrote in a follow up video. 

Hopefully, this means that Percy’s learned her lesson. If you’re going to throw a fit — make sure it’s off camera.