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Dog's Reaction to Dealing With the Grandkids for 4 Days Straight Is So Spot-On

No matter how energetic your dog is, spending time with a group of kids can totally tucker them out. No one knows this better than Jango, a dog on TikTok who was caught absolutely wiped after spending a day with his owner's grandkids. No judgement here, Jango! We've all been there. 

Jango must've been running around all week long with the grandkiddies because in the footage it didn't look like he was going to get up from his bed anytime soon. "We had the grandkids for four days," his owner Renee (or @nananeeof3). "It wore Jango out." The look on his face when his mama got closer says everything you need to know. We know that as soon as the camera turned off, he rolled right over and went back to sleep. 

"Jango is worn out!" his owner teased in the caption. 

Obviously, the video struck a chord because it's since been watched over 50,000 times. "I get it!! My dog slept for two days after the kids left.I though he was dying!!! Poor guy," @mcconnellp wrote in the comments section. "I swear my dogs closes the bedroom door when she done with the nieces and nephews," @merebearbarron added. "He’s like mom I need to catch up on my sleep kids are no joke," @mizbelcher teased. "My man has seen some things and he needs recovery!" @happyinlife75 joked. 

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Normally, Jango is a bundle of energy and loves to spend his time at the lake. So obviously this is a really big change of pace. Take a look at Jango in his element in the video below. 

Don't worry, boy. You'll get back to the lake real soon!

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