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Dog Boldly Snatches Toddler's Cake Pop and We Can't Help but Laugh

In order to move up in the world, it's important to always take advantage of the opportunities that come your way, regardless of how big or small they may seem. This is an important lesson to learn from a young age, and one pup was doing his duty as a big brother to demonstrate this for his human sister.

TikTok user  @.mama.julia recently shared a video of her Goldendoodle and toddler in a hilarious interaction. In the video, this mom gives her kid a Starbucks take out bag, and the kid pulls out a cake pop. However, this pup wanted a treat too, and he took matters into his own paws. Check out the video to see what happened!

OMG, that is one sneaky pup! He snatched the cake pop right out of her hands. This mom was shocked by her pup's behavior, but this should teach her to always pick up a snack for her dog in the future!

People in the comments thought this pup's theft was a bit predictable. @mommyof6tx said, "How did you not see that coming, LOL," and @peachymal commented, "I saw the ending within the first two seconds, haha." This momma was too tired to notice the impending heist, and she trusted her dog!

Others thought this pup was simply taking advantage of a favorable circumstance. @vixie_luv commented, 'Bro saw an opportunity and did not waste it. He said, "Finders keepers!"' Another user, @aubriii_0, said, "He saw his meal ticket and took it!" This pup figured if his sister was going to flaunt her cake pop, he was going to do something about it!

This mom confirmed that the pup didn't end up eating the cake pop, and he actually dropped it when she screamed, so there was no chocolate consumed by this dog. However, a new cake pop for the toddler was in order, so they returned to Starbucks and ate it away from the opportunistic pup.

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