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Dog Daycare in Virginia Shares the Reasons Parents Boarded Their Pets and It's Too Cute

We all wish we could bring our pets with us everywhere we go, but unfortunately, the logistics of a vacation don't always make that possible. When this happens, many of us will pay for our dogs to be boarded at a dog daycare so we know they are receiving love and attention. One dog daycare went on to TikTok to share a video showcasing some of their visitors.

DogTown is a dog daycare in Norfolk, Virginia, and they recently posted a video on their TikTok account, @dogtownva, showing some of the dogs they had staying over for Labor Day weekend. For each dog, they shared where their parents went the reason the pup was not able to come with them. Check out the video to see all the cute dogs and their funny reasons for being left behind!

OMG, this video is too good. We loved seeing all these adorable pups excited to be on camera, and the reasons they didn't go on their owners' trips were too funny! We love that the staff at this daycare is so active with these dogs.

People in the comments thought that many of the reasons the daycare provided for leaving the dogs behind were too funny! @kristenag88 said, "The Newfie, himself a bear, scared of bears," and @elyssarose2020 commented, "Love that the wedding dog didn’t have a date but his coat is basically a tux." The creativity behind this video is awesome, and they matched every reason to the individual dogs' personalities so well!

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Others loved the idea behind this video! @zoifious commented, "Why is this the best video I’ve ever seen?!" and @thepottingshedbyjnj said, "I need this as a series everyday of my life, thanks." There's so many good moments in this video, we had to watch it several times just to catch them all!

While we don't want too many dogs to get left behind while their owners go away, we can't help but hope this type of video becomes a regular occurrence because it is just too cute! 

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