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Family Puts a Cone on Dog's Favorite Toy to Make Him Feel Less Alone and We Can't Take It

Our hearts always break for our pets when they aren't feeling well. They can't necessarily explain to us how they are feeling so it makes it difficult to treat them. All we want is to give them the biggest hug because well, hugs fix everything! And after the hug, it's best just to stay by their sides, offering comfort and lots of snuggles. But if you can't step in, having one of your pet's best friends might help out. 

One dog mom got very innovative to make her Golden Retriever feel better. TikTok doggo @monte_the_golden had to wear a cone so he would stop licking the hot spot located near his neck. But no dog wants to wear a cone so Monte's mom decided to recruit his friend to help him feel less alone. She ordered the exact same cone as Monte's, except this one was miniature. Your heart will instantly melt once you see who rocks the cone next to him. 

Aww!! How sweet is this?! His little stuffed animal is suffering next to him in the cone. Now that's true friendship if we've ever seen it! You can tell that Monte is already feeling better since he's not alone. "Look at the smile," wrote @Kelly Heather. YES! That smile at the end makes us feel so warm inside because it shows us he's not feeling as bad! 

TikTok users are writing about what Monte said to his BFF while they were laying next to each other. @Jillian Gaspard commented, "He said, 'We gonna get through this together.'" Aww! That's exactly what he said with that big, sloppy lick! @kisslys added, "We got this buddy!! Don't you worry!!" We bet wearing it together will make the time go faster too!

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Although having Monte's stuffed animal be there for support is helpful, we think the real solution comes from @poptarts4eva's suggestion. The comment reads, "Omg so cute! He needs a little real-life buddy." 100%! Another dog next to him will definitely keep his mind off the fact he's wearing a cone. But until then, his stuffed animal BFF is doing a great job! 

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