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Woman Shares Fast and Easy Dog Treat Recipe and People are Loving it

We all know that some dogs are picky eaters, but even if you're not a wiz in the kitchen there are ways to feed your pet a feast. One woman on TikTok is sharing her no-fail recipe for dog treats. And almost anyone can make them with just a few ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen. 

Lucky Luna got to be a taste tester, while her owner made her a delicious snack. As can be seen on Luna's TikTok page @its.lunasworld. Featuring one of her owners, the video shows an easy recipe that anyone can make for their puppy. "Make three-ingredient training treats with us!" the text overlay reads. Using a recipe from the Arizona Humane Society, the TikTok creator mixed eggs, tuna, and whole wheat flour and then baked the concoction for 40 minutes. Judging by Luna's reaction, it's totally a winner!

"Luna tested and approved," the video's caption reads.

The comments section was in love with this simple recipe. "100% making this tonight. I use so many treats with training I worry about over feeding with store bought ones, these look so healthy!" @glacier.ghost wrote. "Thank you for sharing! This is very easy and it’s nice that we know what goes in the treats we give them," @andreargnc agreed. 

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While another person had a brilliant idea for how Luna's mama could tweak the recipe. "You can also use canned salmon for a shiny coat! Tuna has more mercury than salmon! I’m going to try this!" @positivelylinsey wrote. 

These treats will definitely come in handy during puppy training. Now if they only made them for humans to eat...

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