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Dog Realizes She's Getting a Bath Instead of Her Promised Puppuccino and Her Reaction Is Pitiful

Sometimes parents need to tell a little white lie in order to push their children into doing something or following the rules. Being a pet owner is no different. You might have to force them to get to the vet by dragging them or picking them up. Same goes for getting a bath. If you aren't fast enough, they'll run and hide from you. But one mom pulled the ultimate trick on her Pit Bull to get her in the car for her trip to the bath station.

This mom told @zoezoeandraerae that it was puppuccino time, and Zoe bolted to the car. Zoe was so excited for her special treat for the day. That is, until she realized what store she walked into. Zoe was tricked into getting a bath and she was very upset! She tried everything to stand her ground, but she did not win. Check out how upset she was when she realized what happened!  

She was so excited to finally be done with bath time and was running all over the place! The owner wrote in the comments,"She’s dramatic bc the baths last like 8 minutes 😂." Ha! Well we would be dramatic, too, if you lied about a puppuccino! 

TikTok users are upset at the mom for tricking this sweet angel! "You better have gotten her a damn puppuccino!!" commented @rachel.leigh55. "Get that baby a pup cup immediately, or I’m calling the police!," said @MamaBizzle. Zoe's mom responded with, "Hahaha! Zoe always wants to call the pawthorities on me!" 

But don't worry, Zoe indeed received her well-deserved puppuccino after the bath. No pawthorities were called! 

At least this sweet gal was finally rewarded for enduring such an ordeal!