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Dog's Response to Mom Tricking Her Out of a Treat Is As Epic As It Gets

We love playing tricks on our friends or siblings, especially since they like to prank us or trick us right back. And some people can't resist playing tricks on their pets once in a while. Of course, animals don't quite understand what, exactly, is going on. Or do they?

Tricks are all fun and games until someone gets emotionally hurt, and one poor TikTok dog, @penny.corgipoo, was on the short end of the stick. The Corgi-Poodle mix and her mom were playing a little game of "guess where the treat is between two cups." The game didn't quite go as planned, as you'll see. This hilarious clip has over 2 million views and 558.1K likes within the first day. Make sure you watch to the end to see how Penny reacted to being tricked! 

HA! We were not expecting that ending, but we love it! When Penny found out she was tricked with no treat at all, she knew exactly what to say. To be fair, we'd probably say the same thing, too! "The fact that it’s two purple buttons and she still knows which one to go to 💀💀," commented @Oh my Chakra. Do not mess with Ms. Penny and her treats anymore. "She made eye contact and pressed it," said @Capone in the prone. 

"She's like, 'You think this is a joke'😂", added @Kaila Rivera. You don't joke about treats in this house! "She def knows what that means 😂," said @Egypt 🍫. Without a doubt, and as @TheoneandonlyJwil said, "That was personal and probably deserved 😂." Right? She was trying to play fairly, and now, she might never play again. Let's just hope mom made up for it by giving her extra treats after the fact. Penny certainly deserves them! 

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