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Video of Dog Enjoying a 'Sonic' Slushie Is Just Too Cool

Ice cream, snow cones, lemonade... there are so many delicious treats to enjoy in the summertime, plus a few your dog can enjoy, too! Recently, a few pups have been indulging in Sonic's Ocean Water slushie (in moderation, of course), and it's the cutest snack we've seen in a while. German Shorthaired Pointer Boone went viral not long ago while he enjoyed this refreshing treat. Almost 2 million views later, it's got people running to Sonic with their pups. 

Boone shares a TikTok account with his brother, Goose, where they entertain nearly 300 thousand followers with their crazy antics. This viral video is by far their most popular (for now, anyway), so we hope Boone doesn't mind going down in TikTok history for his bright blue tongue. 

Oh boy, Boone was going to town on that slushie--we're pleasantly surprised it's not splashed all over the car! Even if it was, though, it would be so worth it. Just look at that happy face!

Commenters also fell for his sweet expression and "The way the Snoot is squishing the cup😭" as @maddyyy.paigeeee worded it. It shows just how excited he is for a treat! Even Sonic replied to the TikTok (and read all of our minds), sharing, "We just wanna boop his nose 🥺." Us, too! 

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Of course, the world needed to know what exactly Boone was enjoying. "So what’s the order? My dog needs one asap now," commented @melsalinas7_. Goose and Boone's account replied, "Ocean water," and just like that the mystery is solved! 

There were definitely a few concerned viewers, especially since Sonic's Ocean Water slushie isn't a well-known treat for dogs. When asked, the poster replied "A little slush is fine it’s coconut oil, sugar, and blue food coloring," but we'd always recommend asking your vet if you're unsure how well your pup would tolerate a new treat. 

We sure hope you get the go-ahead so your buddy can enjoy this summertime treat, too!

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