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Dog Gets First Taste of a Sour Treat and Her Reaction Is So on Point

It often feels like our dogs will eat anything and everything we give them. They aren't afraid of trying unknown foods either, unlike some kids we know. And when it's a food they're not familiar with, they take their time to evaluate the flavors. A food critic minus the critiques because they always come back for more, LOL!

We can't help but love what one Great Pyrenees who got a taste of sour candy did. The video was shared by TikTok user @wackdog, and it has over 4.5 million views and 901.5K likes, which isn't surprising, based on this pup's reaction. P.S. the creator wrote a disclaimer in the comments. She said, "We do not recommend sugary human foods for pets. A very small taste

LMAO. Her reaction after the first lick was hilarious! She didn't know what to do with the numbness in her mouth. She was confused but also very into it! We're going to use her trick of quickly moving her mouth up and down to ease the sourness of something. It clearly worked because she went back for more! 

"The concentration that went into this taste analysis is 10/10 😌," commented @Katie Wendover. She was letting the flavor fill her whole palate, which is the right way to do it. Kora is exactly like what @Kristy Myers pointed out, she's a wine connoisseur but for candy. LOL. She wrote, "This reminds of the people that slurp and swish wine to get the full taste, this dog is fancy lol." 

Another commenter, @countess boochie flagrante said, "The way she tries to get the entire candy from your hand 😂." The creator responded with, "She was like 'LET IT GO' 😂." She tasted some of the good stuff, and now she can't get enough!