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Dog's Attempt to Steal Pizza While Dad Isn't Looking Is Cracking People Up

No one can resist the delicious smell of pizza. Once you get that scent stuck in your nose, you crave it til the end of time. And nothing will suffice until you get a slice. That's no different for our four-legged friends who have a better sense of smell than we do. Plus, they're always wanting foods they can't have. It's no wonder this one dog tried to capitalize on his pizza opportunity. 

A camera in TikTok user @libertay13's kitchen captured one of the most hilarious moments we've ever seen a dog do. It was just the dog named Donut and this TikToker's husband home alone. Donut probably thought with one less parent at home, he could get away with a lot. So he attempts to steal some pizza. He puts his two front paws on the counter, right next to the pizza box. Next thing you know, Donut has a slice in his mouth! Or so he thought...LOL! This is exactly why you can't leave your pets alone! 

LMAO! If only Donut was one second quicker he would've devoured that slice. But honestly, we're very impressed with his attempt. The fact that he was able to open the pizza box and grab a slice is amazing. That's one smart doggo! 

TikTok users are demanding Donut get his slice. He found it fair and square! Right? LOL! @Phil Weyant wrote, "Obviously dad is in the wrong. For the love of God give him a piece 😂😂😂." But to be fair, it seems like this family has been through this before. As @AlonzoW pointed out, "This not y'all first rodeo 😂😂you got up so fast." Ha! Any dog owner can tell you that you have to be on your toes at all times. 

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"He tried to scarf it down before you got there 😂," said @vaughnvee. He was about to eat it in less than 5 seconds, acting like he's never had food before. LOL! @Anthony Michael Pick added, "I love how he tries to hurry up as soon as he hears 'no' 😂." He knew it was going to get ripped out of his mouth at any second! No matter how many times we watch this, we can't stop laughing! 

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