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Dog's Funny Reaction to Trying Zucchini Wins the Internet This Week

Dogs are always eager to try new foods, especially human foods. As pet owners, we know it's tough to say no when our fur babies ask for a taste, and sometimes we give in to their begging. One woman is embracing her dog's request for human food, and this video of him trying zucchini is too great.

TikTok user @djangosmiles shared a video of her German Shepherd, Django, trying zucchini for the first time. This dog, who is known on TikTok for mimicking human smiles by showing his teeth when he's happy, had the funniest reaction to his taste of this vegetable. Watch the video to see what Django thought of his bite of raw zucchini!

OMG his little smile is absolutely adorable, and those little chomps were too funny! We are so glad Django liked his taste of zucchini.

People in the comments are obsessed with this pup. @hotheadmama said, "Honestly these videos give me such joy," and @pattilovescakes commented, "He's so precious. I love that smile." It's such a privilege that Django's mom shares these wonderful videos with us!

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Others are impressed by Django's great attitude! @thealiceinwonderland commented, "I love how he is willing to try all these veggies," and @lately_lonely said, "He's trying so hard to stay positive." This pup is so great for listening to his mom's instructions on biting the zucchini!

Usually, when dogs show their teeth like this it is a sign of aggression or discomfort, but you can see that Django's ears are relaxed and his actions are gentle, which means he's doing just fine. Keep on snackin', Django!

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