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Dog's Unexpected Reaction to a 'McDonald's' Cheeseburger Couldn't Be Better

As dog owners, we know our pups are always clamoring for a bite of whatever we happen to be eating at the moment. While we love our furry friends, they can be quite impatient and demanding when it comes to getting their food! However, one pup is proving that not all dogs are like this.

TikTok user @pipewife recently shared a video of her yellow Labrador, Lander, enjoying the special treat his mom got for him. In the video, Lander and his mom go through the McDonald's drive through to get this good boy a cheeseburger, but his reaction is not what you'd expect! Check out the video to see what Lander did when presented with his food.

OMG, this is one good boy! Lander was extremely calm while his mom was preparing his snack and exceedingly polite while eating his cheeseburger. He didn't gobble it down quickly—in fact, he waited for his mom to hand feed him!

People in the comments are amazed at this pup's self control. @grannyishiking said, "That couldn’t possibly be a yellow Lab. That’s a cat in a Lab costume. He’s got manners." Another user, @sulliesgirl, commented, "I love how he looks over at it and then patiently waits for you to feed it to him. He is such a good boy!" Lander is one of the best behaved dogs we've ever seen!

Others fell in love with Lander over this video. @linda_thee_mom commented, "Lander is the most handsome, debonair, well mannered baby I’ve seen. He’s gorgeous, he gave me the serotonin to start my day." Another user, @amandadraper55, said, "Oh my goodness, I just love him." It's hard not to love a good boy like Lander!

We can't believe how calm Lander was when faced with a cheeseburger! We have known many dogs that would have gobbled that up in one bite as soon as it came out of the bag. Perhaps Lander should teach classes on manners for other dogs!

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