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Dog's Upset Reaction to Mom Packing for a Trip Is Downright Pitiful

There's nothing quite like a well-deserved vacation. Time to relax, no one to answer to--it would be perfect if it weren't for the furry friend waiting for you back home. Forget planning and travel delays; saying 'see you later' to your pet is the hardest part about any trip, even short ones! 

One TikToker and pup mama, @theeggcarrton learned this firsthand recently. As she packed for a trip, her dog Tilly caught her in the act. And boy, did she have something to say about what she was seeing! This Australian Shepherd was not a happy girl, and we can all relate to her mama's guilt. There's no question about it--our pups have our hearts!

Poor Tilly girl! We can read her actions loud and clear--she does not want her mama going on that vacation--but we feel for @theeggcarrton, too. 

"Sorry but you have to cancel the trip .. 🥺," said commenter @vale_frausto. Guess so! If our pup acted like this our hearts would be positively melted, but even dog mamas need some time to relax every now and again. Like Tilly's mom said, "It breaks my heart every time," but she's gotta do what she's gotta do. 

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The silver lining to seeing this baby so upset is that it's actually pretty dang funny. "I never seen a dog throw a tantrum," commented @brittneyybarra. "Kind of cute lol 😂." It really is! We do feel a little bad for laughing, but when a dog says “'ef these clothes!'” like @onedimp wrote, we just can't help it! 

We totally agree with @only_finns who said, "Waaaait So smart and expresses itself so well." Tilly is such a good girl! There's no question here what she's trying to tell her mama, but ,oh, if it doesn't just tug at your heartstrings! BRB, giving our pup a hug immediately.

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