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Dog's Sad Reaction to Seeing Mom Pack Her 'Weekender Bag' Is Just Pitiful

It's honestly quite amazing how quickly our pets can pick up on certain cues. They know exactly when dinner time rolls around. Or the fact they know a walk is coming as soon as we go to put on our shoes. Some pets even know when their favorite person is coming home from work. That's cute and all, but it's the leaving them before work or a trip that really breaks our hearts. Because yes, they can even sense when we're leaving them for a little. 

That's what happened to TikTok user @bishopisaguru who was heading out for a few days. She brought out her specific weekender bag, one that this poor Cane Corso knows all too well. And as she started to pack, her dog was sulking. All we know is that if we were in her shoes, we would stay home. The pup's face will break your heart! 

Ugh, our hearts! We can't handle how sad this is. Her baby dog was so, SO upset watching his mom pack up her bag. He knew the dreaded time has come where she must go. We absolutely agree with @jj111144441 who said, "This look kills me..." Right?! We could never leave that innocent face behind.

@mikamvia asked what we're all wondering, "How do they know? I think my dogs know by the shoes I wear. 😁 So dang smart they are." We don't know how they know, but it's absolutely true that they can sense something's happening. And we bet every dog knows from a certain action we do. A shoe, a bag, grabbing the keys. 

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"I just can't leave my dog. I barely make it thru work 🤦🏽‍♀️😢," wrote @cindylou818. Is this why so many people love remote work? So they don't have to leave their fur babies? LOL! But for those of you that do go into the office, we're sorry you have to go through this heartbreak every Monday morning. Ugh, how do you do it?! Or how do the pets do it? Because as @keithdavidson7878 said, "Every 8 hr work day is like 40 days without their everything🕵." This just broke our hearts even more! 

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