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Dog's Dramatic Reaction to Realizing Her Parents Are Going on a Trip Is Oscar-Worthy

We've seen plenty of great acting skills from our furry besties, but this one, in particular, knocks it out of the park. TikTok user @betsyonthego was preparing for a trip by getting her and her husband's suitcases out. And once those suitcases came out of the closet, her poor pup starts the performance of a lifetime. 

Her Portuguese Water Dog knows that those suitcases can only mean one thing - her parents are leaving. And even though the creator said they were only leaving for a night, her dog doesn't know that! She starts the heartbreaking cries that really pull on your heartstrings. She tries to snuggle up with her dad, pulling out all the tricks to get them to stay. And then the last second of the video is what makes her performance Oscar-worthy. Trust us, this is the best "wait for it" moment we've seen! 

HA! The head slam was just the icing on top! She needed to end her performance with a bang to really convince her parents to stay. The performance was so good that it makes us want to stay and watch her. Or like @Kristal Vaughn Fox wrote, "Oh my gosh! Can’t there be room for one more?!🐶" There has to be room for this sweetheart! "One night for you, a lifetime for her 😂😂," said another user. If it's only for one night, there's no reason why they can't bring her, right?! 

As sad as it is to watch this dog so upset, @Journey Seeker brought up a great point. The comment reads, "Gentle reminder on how much she loves you 🤗." So true! Her crying is just a sign that she just wants to be with her parents 24/7. True love! "Omg so adorable and clever 😅," wrote @denisenoonan771. She would've convinced us immediately if we were her parents. And that is why she deserves the best actress nomination. 

This is a no-brainer to us, but as @LLH begins, "And the award goes to..."