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Video of Clever Pup Using Buttons to Ask for More Scratches Is Too Cute

If you spend much time on the 'dog' side of TikTok, you've probably seen a clip or two from @whataboutbunny. This smart Sheepadoodle girl uses a series of talking buttons to communicate with her family (including fur brother, Otter), and everything she 'says' is more impressive than the last. There's a reason why she's so popular online! 

Bunny's mom recently uploaded the sweetest video of the pup asking--no, demanding--for more 'scritches.' As you can imagine, her mama happily obliged, but not without posting a hilarious video of the moment, too. 

What a cutie patootie! Bunny is the definition of 'brains and beauty,' and we're rightfully obsessed. So are her commenters!

"She was trying to tell you that you missed the itchy spot and needed to do more scritches," said @dutchlooneytunes. Maybe she was! After this debate, Bunny's mom might want to consider adding an 'itch' button to her collection. Viewer @_rita_rita_rita agreed, writing, "you missed the spot. She was rubbing her eye." Well--mystery solved!

Still, the way she demanded scratches from her mama has us LOL-ing. Like @hollymurray62 said, "we love a queen that knows what she wants." Bunny wastes zero time when it comes to affection--that's for sure!

@Claricethefairmaiden asked, "I’m sorry… Did she hit the “now” button with her back foot?" Yes, yes she did. She's becoming such a pro at these talking buttons that she can use multiple paws--just like a piano player! Just when we thought we'd seen all of her talents, she pulls this trick out of thin air. Such an impressive girl!

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