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Dog's 'Vacuum Mouth' Is Totally Helpful Around the House

Any parent will tell you just how messy it gets when their children eat. We can't blame them though. They're just kids and still learning! Thankfully, TikTok user has let us in on a little secret that helps with cleanup. 

In a recent clip, which brought in over nearly 3 million views, this TikToker showed us what it looks like to clean up after her child eats. There were crumbs all over the chair. So she mentions what vacuum she uses and well, you'll get a chuckle out of this. Plus, you'll want one for yourself!

O.M.G. We need a vacuum just like this one and we need it now! Think of how much she's saving on using paper towels or wet wipes. It's truly a great investment. LOL! 

"Girl, I gasped when you said $1,500 for an object, but I agree with this purchase," said @Sammyg427. We were the same exact way! But we'd absolutely spend that much money on something as reliable as this doggo. We just need some more details, please! @kilrainjazz added, "Wow, make and model please and I would like to place an order for two." We'll actually take 5 please and thank you! 

Another TikTok user, @manicpixiemom, wrote, "Lol my dog learned the command 'Clean-up crew!'” That is absolutely amazing! If you ever needed a new reason to get a dog, this is it. They'll help with house chores so you can focus on taking care of the baby. LOL! And they'll just take payment in the form of treats. Easy peasy! 


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