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Dog's First Trip to 'Disneyland' Is the Content We're Here For

Disneyland's motto is "The happiest place on Earth," and for good reason. This theme park is filled to the brim of objects and experiences that spark your child-like wonder and curiosity, even as an adult or an animal. One couple brought their pet to the park, and he was having the time of his life.

TikTok user @brodiethatdood recently shared a video of their Goldendoodle, Brodie, walking through Disneyland. In the video, Brodie takes in all the amazing sights and sounds as he navigates the park with his family. Check out the video to see what this pup thinks of the adventure!

OMG, Brodie was loving every second of this trip. His holiday spirit was in full swing, too, as he rocked a red Santa hat in the park. Brodie sure does know how to have a good time!

People in the comments are thrilled that Brodie was able to go into the park. @epilepticgamer said, "So cool that they let Brodie in!" and @saintbernardmom commented, "Lucky Brodie, getting to visit Disneyland!" Brodie is deserving of all the fun and magical experiences!

Others were jealous they didn't get to see Brodie at Disneyland. @dreabby92_ commented, "I’d be in Disney jail for pushing people out of the way to get to Brodie! LOL," and @kristal_dawn said, "Disney and Brodie on the same day would make my day complete!" We can't think of anything better, if we're being honest!

It was so fun to see this video of Brodie enjoying his time at the park. We think he should take a trip to the east coast and visit Disney World next!

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