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Video of Dog Begging for a Soft Serve Cone From the Ice Cream Truck Is Just Too Cute

You can tell summer is right around the corner when you hear the ice cream truck rolling down the neighborhood. That sound signals that the sun is staying out longer, the temperatures are rising, and it's time to get out of the house to buy a sweet treat. 

TikTok user @jamiebrown852 just became a poor parent that was dragged outside when his child heard the ice cream truck. But what's unexpected about this is that the child is actually an Alaskan Malamute. LOL. Turns out the saying 'we all scream for ice cream' really resonates with dogs, too! Watch how this sweet boy begs at the window.

OMG. This dog was really barking his order to the ice cream man. Can you say, Karen?! He just wanted to make sure his order was perfect. Or maybe he was waiting in a long line and was extra hangry when he got to the window. Been there, done that! 

Some TikTok users are wondering how he's going to pay for the cone, but rest assured it was paid for. Or it could be that @E Ka38 was right, "He is too cute. Don't have to pay." We wish we had this privilege! Actually maybe not because we'd abuse it and get ice cream daily. LOL. "My owner's tab alright? Please hurry 😂," added @Checon_70.

We don't know if this dog even said please with his order. As @Armin Bauman said, "Very Demanding 😂." @Mama Milkshake wrote, "I'm guessing he ordered vanilla 😂." We hope that's what he got because dogs can't have chocolate! But based on the fact that he ate the cone in 0.3 seconds, we'd say the ice cream man got the order right. LOL. "THATS EXACTLY WHAT HE ORDERED," commented @kriste421. 

This Alaskan Malamute's owner wrote in the comments that he doesn't get ice cream often. It's just a treat every once in a while, just like a pup cup. We have a feeling a trip to the ice cream man is going to be the new pup cup trend for the summer!