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Dog’s Emotional Reaction to Visiting Her Late Owner’s Grave Is Downright Heartbreaking

We can't stop sobbing from this heartbreaking video posted on TikTok user @bizzylizzy13‘s account. This poor mother named Lizzy lost her 20-year-old son about 6 months ago. Her son had a dog, named Athena, who we can only imagine is very confused because her owner hasn’t returned home. So Lizzy decided it was time for the dog to visit her owner’s grave. 

The grieving dog was living about 2000 miles away from where her owner was laid to rest. But she was able to travel all that way to visit the gravesite with Lizzy. According to the text on the video, Athena was fine for a while, but what she does while visiting makes us believe she knew her owner was there in spirit. Trust us, you'll need the entire tissue box for this one.  

We have no words. This is incredible and so heartbreaking all at the same time. Athena started digging at the grave, which is unbelievable. It’s as if she could smell her owner or that she knew he was close. Lizzy wrote in the comments, “I never expected this. I was bringing her to him. I know he would want that. I didn’t expect her to sense him there like that.” We doubt anyone would have expected that. And as soon as she did start digging, we were balling just like Lizzy. It’s so heart-wrenching to watch. 

“I am so sorry! The pain you two are going through. I can’t stop crying 💔,” wrote @heidz. We can’t stop either. Our hearts ache for the pain both the dog and Lizzy feel. @Maggie added, “The digging and hearing you cry you can’t dig just broke me.” We think we can speak for all 4.4 million viewers, this video broke us all. 

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TikTok did provide some uplighting words. She said, “He was with you in that moment. He’ll always be there 🙏🏼.” And now, hopefully, Athena knows he’ll always be there, too. 

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