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Mom Forgets to Give Dog the 'Go' Command to Eat and His Reaction Is Perfect

We're obsessing over the goodest boy on the internet, and you're about to as well! TikTok doggo @mrreedybug is not only a good boy, but he's also a smart one. Reedy's mom taught him a special command for when he eats. He's not allowed to go to the bowl unless she says the 'go' command. Usually, it's right after she fills it up, but sometimes, moms forget! 

Reedy's mom filled up his bowl as usual, but then she went off for a shower without saying the magic word! Watch what happens when she gets out of the shower and realizes she never told him it was ok to eat.

LMAO. Most dogs could NEVER! They usually start eating before we even put the food down. LOL. Can Reedy give us a tutorial?!

"That is the goodest boy ever," wrote @bsimp68. The creator replied, "The absolute best. Giant drool pile and all!" Ha! We aren't surprised at all about the pile of drool. He was staring at the deliciousness he couldn’t even touch.  “Omg, he was like, 'Girl been waiting my whole life' face," added @byporcupineee. LOL! 

“Mine are well trained and also wait. But he would remind me by whining. If I left for a minute 🤣🤣,” said @brandong669.How did Reedy not go and get her out of the shower? “That’s a Golden for you! They just want to make us hoomans happy so bad!!” wrote @Hai Bay. And boy, did Reedy make us so happy. 

Now, can someone get this good boy a second dinner?