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Video of Dog Patiently Waiting to See Her Favorite Neighbor Each Day Is Downright Precious

Dogs get into a daily routine just like we do. They know what time to get up in the morning, go on walks, and without a doubt, they know when it's time to eat. It's actually pretty amazing how quickly dogs can pick up on these routines! And as it turns out, they start to understand the routine of their neighbors, too. Talk about being observant! 

A dog TikTok account, @goodgirlarlo, highlights her tradition with a neighbor named Ed. Every single day, rain or shine, she waits outside by the fence gate for Ed to come home. He comes over with a bag of treats and smothers Arlo with pets. So cute! Where can we get a neighbor like Ed?!  

This is amazing! You can see the love between these two. They're both excited to see each other, and it's just absolutely precious! And we can see why Arlo loves Ed...all those treats. Arlo's commitment to getting those treats is impressive, "Come on, Ed, you making her wait too long😁🐶," said @fencefrong. Yeah, Ed, don't you know she's been out there all day?! 

TikTok users are praising Ed for being so good to Arlo and saying this is how neighbors should act. We wish we had a neighbor like him! "Ed is nicely trained I see😂," commented @Lani Trotter125. "Ed IS a good human," added @scosta833. The world needs more people like Ed.

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"Ed is the best neighbor ever!! He needs a trophy 🏆," wrote @tammysmith96656. The creator responded by saying, "At least a round of a-paws!!! 🐾." Arlo even called Ed her "best fur-end." Aww. "I want an Ed … 🙏🏼🐾❤️," said @Jax Taylor. A good pup and a good neighbor, what more could you ask for?! 

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