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Dog's Dramatic Attitude While 'Waiting to Meet His Fans' Is Simply the Best

As much fun as it would be to live the life of the rich and the famous, you have to keep in mind all the stress that the lifestyle comes with. The paparazzi, the endless meet-n-greets, jam-packed schedules and wild fans. No wonder celebrities meet their breaking points every now and then. And there's one celebrity doggo who is no stranger to breaking points. That of course is the drama king, known as @waltergeoffrey on TikTok. 

This French Bulldog has a breaking point daily. Well, we wouldn't really say it's a breaking point. He's actually just overdramatic quite literally all the time. In one of his most recent videos, Walter was expressing his anger. He was acting like being at a meet-n-greet with fans was the end of the world and was going to ruin the whole day. But even his mom-manager said it was his only booked thing of the day. LOL! You wouldn't be able to tell that from all his whining!   

O.M.G. No wonder he's known as the meltdown king! Walter was so upset and he would not stop screaming. LOL! And even though he was backstage, his meltdown could be heard from around the world. "His fans can hear him though which is hilarious," said @Camivette. He doesn't care! At least he's being his true, authentic self. 

Maybe he wasn't upset about meeting fans, but rather about how his celebrity treatment was going at this venue. "Uhm did you get him his pup cup and all yellow Reese’s pieces? No green room treatment looks like the issue. Just saying," pointed out @Shiloh Koon. HA! He couldn't believe he didn't get anything he requested! Or as @lowmaja2007 put it, "He’s asking for hair and makeup touch-up!" He clearly didn't feel prepared to see his fans! 

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We honestly don't mind all the screaming when Walter breaks under pressure. It's why we love him so much! And that's why we have to agree with @mdesro who said, "I would be so honored to meet Walter mid meltdown 😭." HA! It's what he's known for so that's the only way we'd like to meet him! 

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