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Video of Dog Anxiously Waiting for Baby to Kick the Ball for Her Is Priceless

The bond between a little baby or toddler and their four-legged sibling is something so sweet. There are countless videos of kids and their dogs snuggling and playing together, which we never get sick of because well, these clips are absolutely precious! We love how the dog acts as an extra guardian in the family, protecting the little kid. And on the other hand, in the dog's eyes, a kid is an extra human to play with. At least that's what this one labrador was hoping! 

TikTok user @girl_mum_alex captured the most hilariously perfect moment between her daughter and the dog. And we're obsessed! Her daughter was bouncing around with a toddler toy that allows her to stand. So of course, in the dog's eyes if she's standing that means she can play. Well, not quite. LOL! Watch as the dog waits so patiently for the baby to kick the ball to her!  

Aww! This poor dog really thought the little girl was going to kick the ball at her. And she was waiting so patiently. Ugh, one day doggy, one day! Before you know it, these two will be playing 24/7. 

"The dog: okay nearly almost, no I'll step back and think she will kick it😂," commented @itscerys_notcarys. She even jumped all excitedly thinking the little girl was going to kick the ball! @itsamyyy91 added, "Tiny human, I'll be sitting over here. You just kick that ball whenever you're ready. I'll be waiting right here🐶😂," Aww, poor pup! The creator responded by saying, "She’ll be waiting a long time I think 😂😂." LOL! We think so too! 

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@Paula Davies said, "Watched this 4 times 😂😂😂😂😂." Only 4 times? We've watched this at least 100 times! Can this creator please film when her daughter finally kicks the ball to the dog? We'll be waiting patiently just like this dog! 

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