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Dog's Precious Response to Being Asked If He Wants Belly Rubs Couldn't Be Sweeter

Believe it or not, a dog's tail is a very effective way to communicate. Most dog owners probably know the meaning behind the different tail positions. When it's down, that usually means the dog is scared, nervous or sad. And on the flip side of that, when the tail is up, dogs are happy and energetic. So when you ask your pup a question and they start wagging their tail, nine times out of 10 their answer is yes.

For this Bernese Mountain Dog, his tail-wagging meant not only yes, but an absolutely! TikTok user @sparrowtherapypack decided to share a video that shows how she wakes up her dog named Captain. She asks one simple question that gets his tail gets going and he's up for the day. You'll laugh at what the question is, but it's seriously so cute! 

Aww! That's definitely not the first time Captain was asked if he wanted belly scratches. Now that he knows the meaning behind the offer, he has to wag his tail a little extra hard to get that sound going and show he means business! But seriously, who could resist that offer?! As @Nicola McEvoy put it, "Captain and I have this in common." HA! 

TikTok user @Jessica Felton pointed out, "The tail thumps." The most adorable tail thumps we've ever seen! The loud thumps on the ground definitely meant he wanted those belly scratches ASAP. @alannaseee wrote what Captain was thinking, "I volunteer!!!! I VOLUNTEER 🙋‍♀️." LOL! He really wanted to be picked first! 

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After he let out his demanding yes tail-wag, he did what @Ashley Kohlmeier said. She commented, "He assumed the belly rub position😂." Aww! He looked at you like, 'Are you serious?' and then immediately got ready! Too cute! We'd give him belly scratches all. day. long. 

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