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Adorable Video of Golden Retriever Demanding 'Butt Scratchies' Is Way Too Funny

There's nothing like a good scratch. Every dog has their favorite spot to be rubbed or itched, but one Golden Retriever is going viral for her over-the-top reactions to getting. good ol' butt rub. Yep, @goldencannoli loves butt scratchies, and she's not afraid to show it. 

In a video that's gotten nearly 2.5 million views in only a day, Cannoli suggests--no, demands--some bum scratches from her dad. As he complies, the sweet Golden offers a happy dance in thanks. It's seriously adorable, and you won't want to miss it. 

Honestly, it's impossible not to smile at this silly girl! It's easy to see how much she's enjoying those scratches from her dad, and if we say so ourselves, he looks like he's enjoying himself, too. We saw him crack a smile! 

Naturally, this Golden and her dad have tons of TikTok fans already--and why wouldn't they? Even other pup parents are seeing similarities between Cannoli and their own babies, and honestly, it's the cutest thing. 

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"I swear this is a Golden thing. Ours does this! 😂Lol," @ jessicamclemore545 commented. LOL, indeed--we'd love to see that! It isn't just Golden Retrievers who do this happy dance, though; @heatherash0000 wrote, "my lab is the same way 😂 just hits different." Different how? Why aren't there more canine happy dances on the Internet already? We wanna see!!

"The Nala stomp looks different here," joked @lindsislittle. Aww! Nala the Golden is another Internet legend who's famous for her 'stomps.' We do have to say--there are some similarities here! Perhaps these girls should get together to make a dance video. 

Until then, we'll be watching this over and over...and over. This clip is made of sunshine, rainbows, and pure happiness, and we wouldn't have it any other way. Here's to many more butt scratchies for Cannoli!

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