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Video of Dog Looking Out the Window at Her Delivered 'Bark Box' Is Absolutely Priceless

We don't know about you, but we've been doing a lot of online shopping recently. Which means one thing: packages! And we aren't the only ones who love a good delivery. One poor pup was in agony after she realized that her BarkBox had been delivered, but none of her humans were home to bring it in! What a tragedy. And the look of pure pain on her face is so adorable. 

Unfortunately for the pup (but fortunately for us), her neighbor got the whole hilarious incident on camera. "When your neighbor's dog just wants his BarkBox but they aren't home," @_krysta.rose_ wrote on the video's text overlay. Oh man, that is one disappointed pooch. You can practically hear her cursing her humans' names for not being home to open it for her. 

"I felt so bad," the video's caption reads.

With over 1 million views, people online were clearly just as obsessed as we were. "My dogs knows when his BarkBox comes too! But also he’s not smart enough to know specifics so also thinks Amazon packages are for him," @bratbbydoll joked. "My dog knows when it’s his BarkBox!!!! They’re so smart!!" @bellaaa.22 exclaimed. "Our dog knows it’s been delivered just by smelling under the door," @80percentchromium shared. "My husky would probably eat through the wall to get it," @adventures_with_katieo teased. 

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Later in the thread, it appears that @_krysta.rose_'s neighbors saw the video and chimed in. "I promise she enjoyed the BarkBox when we got home!!" @kels1313 wrote.

"She is the cutest!! I'm glad she did," @_krysta.rose_ wrote in response. 

Whew, thank goodness. We couldn't stand the thought of this little girl waiting any longer.

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