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Dog's Hilarious Protest to Not Getting Salmon for Breakfast Is Giving Us Life

There are picky eaters and then there are picky eaters. And we think one dog on TikTok is firmly in the latter camp. The Pit Bull has very discerning tastes when it comes to his breakfast. So much so, that he was giving his mama some serious attitude when she told him that he couldn't have any Trader Joe's tuna in his morning food bowl. Good grief!

As Olive's self-described "personal assistant," there's almost nothing that her mama Mere (@dailydoseofolive) won't do for her. That is, until Olive started refusing to eat without an extra-fancy addition to her morning meal. "You have kibble in your bowl, you don't get salmon for breakfast," the TikTok creator can be heard saying off-camera. "Gigi [her grandmother] would let me have it," Olive seems to bark in response. "No, you eat your plain kibble, that's what we always do," Mere said. Even after Mere tries to smooth things over with Olive, the dog is unyielding. See for yourself!

 "Someone call Trader Joe’s because [Your Girl] needs her TJ’s pink salmon with every meal," Mere joked in the caption. 

The comments section was on Olive's side. "She’d like to see the manager please," @alissamg43 joked. "OMG, mine just came off a three-day hunger strike....until I gave her salmon! I thought she was dying," @mgonzalez.1159 admitted. "My dog did this and I spent hundreds of $$ at the vet just to find out she’s picky and knows if she doesn't eat I’ll add yummy stuff to her kibble," @valleyxalpine added. 

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Later in the thread, Mere wrote that Olive's tuna problem was fixed later on that day. "Mom wised up at dinner time," she wrote.

Whew, thank goodness for that!

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