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Dog's Precious Way of Trying to Get His Sister's Attention Is Downright Irresistible

We would all probably like to know what our precious pets are thinking. If only they could talk!  Whether they want to be fed or walked or they need to go out or they are just lonely and want someone to play with. One device that lets animal mom and dads do exactly this are the Fluent Pet Buttons, and one fur baby who seems to be an expert at using them is adorable Copper.

Copper's human sister Savannah had just arrived home from school and needed a little down time ,and Copper just wasn't having it. At all. While Savannah talks about her day Copper looks at her longingly and Copper's mom, @TheChattyLab asks Copper if he wants to play. Just watch what the pup did next.  

AWW! Bless his heart! Copper pressed the button for "YooHoo!" still trying to get Savannah's attention. @MollyGrant sums up Copper's feelings perfectly: "Hahaha she is like “mom..not you…my sister” sweet girl" and @Vgo says "“Mom, I’m talking to Savannah duh!”

Looking at all the other videos of beautiful Copper, he's not lacking for attention from Savannah, or anyone, at all. Talk about a well-loved and played with boy. If you want your heart to melt even more check out this video where Copper tells his mommy he wants "more happy."

Now, if only they could invent buttons that we could use to train our furry friends to order us takeout or fold laundry, that would pretty much be the best discovery ever! 

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