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Dog's Reaction to Learning He's Getting a Starbucks Puppuccino Is Just Priceless

We love to treat our dogs to a puppuccino. But for a lot of people, the dog knows the walk to the coffee shop like the back of his paw, so it winds up being a weekly ritual. But it's hard to say no to a pup's sweet face, right? You just get roped in and it becomes a tradition. We're assuming that's what happened to TikTok user @amber.and.cooper's mom.  

In a recent video, she starts talking to her Bernese Mountain Dog about what day it is. It was a Thursday, and that, of course, meant it was time for their weekly pup cups. He clearly couldn't contain his excitement because he knew what Thursdays meant. Just wait until you see what the other dog does when the term "pup cup" gets thrown around! 

LOL! How did she expect him to sit after she just told him he was about to get his weekly treat?! That's like telling kids to stay calm after you said they can get dessert. @mlac57 said, "He's like, 'I can't sit, don't you know what day it is?'😂." Do you think he knows how many days are in a week now? He probably counts down the hours from his last pup cup to when the next one is coming. 

@Baby K commented, "This is big news for him. He can't just sit down." @user554019 added, "Thursday means Starbucks *starts hyperventilating*." We'd be the same way!

We thought it was just one dog getting excited about going to Starbucks, but then out of nowhere another little pup came running in! She did not want to miss her chance at a pup cup. LOL! @Scott Sopher commented, "Amber pops in like, 'Did I hear someone say ‘puppuccino’?' 😂😂." @Chantal Groen added, "Haha 😂 and the other one was fast, 😂 excuse me did you say puppuccino? Let's go." 

She had to run in quickly so mom wouldn't leave without her! Aww. We know she'd never dream of letting that happen.