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Dog's Reaction to Being Told He Can't Play With a Baby Deer Is Just Priceless

As much as it pains you, sometimes you have to tell your pet no for their own good. Even if they're giving you the puppy-dog eyes. Even when it hurts! That's the lesson that one person on TikTok illustrated with a now-viral video of their dog trying to restrain himself when a baby deer shows up in their yard. The little guy just wanted to make a friend!

Poor pup was shaking trying to keep his cool when the deer showed up on their property. But thankfully his owner caught it all on camera and shared it online. "I want to play with the baby deer so bad but dad said no," the video's  caption reads. "This is hard. He looks so cute!" The look in his eyes is so sad. You can tell that all he wants is to play, but of course playtime could be dangerous for both the dog and the deer.

"I'll sit here, watch, and be a good boy," the text overlay reads. "But, dad…" the captions reads. 

The comments section praised the dog for holding tight. "OMG he is just SHAKING with excitement!!! What a good pup!!!" @chrysanthemom3 wrote. "My dog does this exact thing when he sees my pet hamster," @juicy_fruit6641 joked. "Awww he’s barely holding it together," @archerthedog added, before adding the crying-laughing emoji. "This is me every time I see a puppy in the wild and my husband says I can’t go pet it," @sammyanniemacandcheese quipped. 

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While another commenter praised the dog's owners for training him well. 

"Thank you," wrote, but admitted, "He minds us really well but was VERY tempted."

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