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Australian Shepherd's Hilarious Way of Asking for Tummy Rubs Has Us Totally in Love

The more time we spend with our beloved pups, the more we get to know the minute details of their communication. Before long, a simple look will tell you everything you need to know--almost like a telekinetic connection. For dogsitters and their new friends, though, body language and vocalizations can be more difficult to decipher. 

Luckily, one Miniature Australian Shepherd has the perfect solution. She may have only known her new nanny, @indooroutdoorkat, for upwards of 12 hours, but one simple movement says it all. We've only known this dog for 11 seconds--the length of this video clip--and we can tell exactly what she's asking for. 

We. Are. Obsessed! This pretty girl has easily mastered the art of interspecies communication. Someone give her a doctorate! Unsurprisingly, we aren't the only ones who can't get enough of this Aussie's leg cocking game. Commenters are just as crazy for it as we are!

"Shes got you wrapped around her little stuck out paw 😂," @freedomforclaudiaconway noticed. Is it that obvious? Maybe it's the immediate belly rubs, or her comfy spot directly on top of another friend, but something tells us this Aussie is well, well loved. Some might call it spoiled!

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Dog owner @aquasappho knows exactly what game this silly girl is playing. "Mine does it too and when u stop too soon he gets up and wont acknowledge u for at least an hour," they said. LOL! We have a feeling this pup is the very same way. And the way she said yes?!

"Pretty sure she said 'Mhmm' 😂," @haydenres pointed out. She totally did! It doesn't take an expert to figure it out, but it certainly helped that she used her leg as a clue. There's no reason not to understand this girl!

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