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Video of Dog Slowly Warming Up to New Baby Makes Us Smile

Sudden changes can take some time to get used to, and a major life adjustment is not always received warmly by all involved. However, it's important to give those who feel like this time to adjust to the changes. One family recently dealt with this a pup who needed time to adjust, and it was totally worth the wait.

TikTok user @kelleycc recently shared a video of her yellow Labrador Retriever, Shasta, and her reaction to a new family member: a newborn baby. In the video, they share clips of Shasta reacting to their new baby at various points through her first year. Check out the video to see how Shasta and the baby's relationship progressed!

Awwww, this is so sweet! Shasta was very unhappy about this development at first, but in her own time, she warmed up to her sister. Now, they're fantastic friends!

People in the comments are so glad that this family handled the situation well. @myraandrews310 said, "Bless it. Thank you for being many are surrendered or banished to the back yard." Another user, @deluxmarie, commented, "I'm glad you worked with your pup. So many people just ditch their dogs, unfortunately." Dogs are our family members too!

Others theorized why Shasta wasn't a fan of the baby at first. @iveeruiz550 commented, "Shasta was sad baby couldn't play. She's all happy now that baby can play! They're like sisters now," and @biernackiii said, 'Once she realized the baby would be able to play and sneak her food, Shasta started thinking, "Maybe this isn’t so bad."' Shasta just wanted a partner-in-crime!

While this relationship got off to a rocky start, these two are certainly making progress. We cannot wait to see how much closer Shasta and her sister continue to grow in the future!

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