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Dog’s Elated Reaction to Watching ’101 Dalmatians’ Is Just the Best

Do you remember when you were little, how giddy you'd get when you're favorite movie was put on? You'd immediately sit up, humming the intro because you knew it like the back of your hand. Nothing was going to ruin that moment. Do you ever think dogs get the same way when a movie comes on? TikTok user @its.meagan.elizabeth has the answer for us. 

For as long as she can remember, her dog has loved watching TV. So much so that her dog knows what to do when asked, “Want to watch TV?” She’ll grab the closest toy to her, a buddy to watch with of course, and then she’ll pop a squat right in front of the screen. That’s the normal routine, but one movie, in particular, got her dog extra excited. Watch what happens when she puts on 101 Dalmatians!

Aww! First of all, what a great movie to show your dog. 101 Dalmatians is a classic! And secondly, the dog is so cute!! She really couldn't contain her excitement because well, it was movie night, but also it was a brand new movie she hasn't seen yet. And just like any kid watching a movie, she couldn't sit still. LOL!

"Omg I love how she stands up to see!!!" said @Savannah Renee. She wanted to be as close as possible! Probably because she couldn't believe she was seeing dogs on the screen.  "This is why representation matters 😂," wrote @Almost Dr. Croc. Lol, exactly! 

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Turns out there's no shortage of movies this dog mom can show for a movie night with her dog. Several TikTok users were commenting suggestions - Oliver and Company, Bolt, Secret Life of Pets. All great ideas! The winner for the next movie night was Lady and the Tramp, which really piqued the dog’s interest! 

Aww! The pup was so focused on watching and when she realized there was a dog on screen, she started freaking out! @Patrick Fuller541 asked, “Why don’t they have 3 hr TikToks? I’d watch this for the whole movie.” Us too! But we wouldn’t be watching the movie… only this dog. 

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