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Video of Dog Happily Enjoying Fireworks Show Is Just So Innocent

For most dog owners, the Fourth of July can pose a particular problem. No matter how much you want to celebrate, fireworks can really be scary for your pup. Amazingly, one woman's dog seems to have no troubles on July 4 and now she's explaining why in a video that went viral online.

As the pup's owner, Jocelyn Rodriguez (@life_with_jocelyn), explained in the video, she currently lives in Seattle, Washington, but her dog Hudson used to live behind the most magical place on earth. Yep, Disney World. "I know most dogs are probably afraid and stressed tonight during July 4th fireworks," the video's onscreen text reads. "But my dog has been living his best life today, he can't get enough. It's not happily ever after, but this will do!" it continues. Just look at how Hudson is watching the fireworks. He seems totally at peace!

The comments section was smitten with Hudson and his love for fireworks. "Well that’s just the cutest thing I’ve ever seen," @thecourtisinsession gushed. "Aww I wonder what his thoughts were on this firework show, like, 'that's it?!'" @jazzyyphayy teased. "Honestly any other fireworks are disappointing if you’ve experienced Disney World," @ohsokt wrote in. 

While other people shared that their dogs were fearless too. "Oh my god. I’m not alone. My husky lives in New Orleans right across the river from the French Quarter and he lives for fireworks," @gingerfiest commented. "My dogs aren't afraid either, they don't care at all lol," @megs_themichigander added. "Mine isn't bothered by it since we lived right behind Magic Kingdom, if anything he was more bothered by how quiet our neighborhood is compared to our old place," @orlandokat wrote.

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And sadly for Hudson, these fireworks might not have been big enough for him. 

"He gave it a 6/10," his mom joked later in the thread.

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